We have developed wide variety of T-Bolt Clamps. These clamps are in accordance with SAE J 1508 standard.

The construction of T-Bolt Clamps consists of hard Stainless Steel Band assembled with forged T-Bolt duly heat treated & Zinc plated, located in a T-Guide with self-locking Nut at the Tee end.

These clamps are used for multiple applications viz. Automobile, Heavy trucks, Duct Connections, RABH Filtration, Industrial machinery, off-road equipment, Irrigation, Radiators, Marine, Railways, Tractors, Pneumatic connections, Chemical, pharmaceutical and other industrial usages in India and abroad.

Jupiter T-Bolt Clamps are also used to hold / restrain any shape components. Clamping of Split, tubular sheet riser such as on Air Cleaner over its metallic tube insert is possible by Jupiter T-Bolt clamps due to its inherited quality of flexibility and above features.

Features :

  •  With wider band radial clamping pressure is distributed more uniformly and equally than narrow width clamps.
  •  This design is useful in applications with high vibrations. T-Bolt & Self Locking Nut construction helps to avoid reopening of clamps during     Vibrations
  •  S.S. Band with optional S.S. T-Bolt imparts corrosion resistant quality and advantage of re-use and fail-proof ness after use.
  •  Use of thin flexible S.S. band material provides flexibility for fitment of variable uniform circular surfaces as against fixed section circular thick     walled M.S. clamps. Circular arc in the Jupiter clamp is adjustable to a slight change in the dia of the mating part which lags in the later.
  •  For more strength high tensile S.S. material is used for Jupiter T-bolt clamps, which helps to secure the safety of the equipment and its long life.
  •  Batch No. for each clamp is embossed on the clamp for reverse traceability

“Each clamp manufactured at Jupiter is tested for Torque and it withstands values far above those specified by international standards”